Plain is a new customer support tool with API integrations

Plain Chat is a startup trying to reinvent product support. With customer support that rivals tech giants like Intercom and Zendesk, Plain believes in unique product integration with its API.(plain chat)

Airplane has raised $6 from Connect Ventures and Index Ventures. The tournament featured a number of starters, including Solio, Allison Pickens, Nicholas Desine, Matt Robinson, Mike Hudock and Zach Kanter.

According to the company, the biggest challenge for the support team is canceling support products and support tickets. It is often necessary to switch from one tool to another. Although a mix of support and data entry tools are available, they are often underutilized due to lack of up-to-date data.

Although customer support websites offer APIs and other configuration options, developers often have different priorities and cannot afford many tools themselves. This is especially true for home appliances, as most appliances do not work directly with the car.

Plain’s API strategy works:

Plain’s API strategy works can be used in two ways. First, Plain provides customer data directly to Plain. Registration Status, Current Registration, Costs etc. He called to get the information he wanted. Data is stored and deleted after a certain period of time. If you go back to the original file, Plain will restore it immediately.

Also, airlines are very flexible when it comes to product support. There should be no dialog box on the right side of the page. Users may update user information and create new information, such as support rights, product offerings and contact information.

Beginners try to simplify everything. It doesn’t stop developers either. The company believes that building an Avian is as easy as building a Slackbot.

Problem Solving:

“The main problem we solve is satisfaction: Nyore builds a good relationship with the customer based on the company’s approach and experience. So, if someone has a problem communicating, the company knows who they are. ” CEO Simon Rohrbach said in a press release.

The plain chatv is text-free, with a built-in intercom and Zendesk integration. But this API-first concept is interesting, especially if you start building advanced products with multiple API endpoints.

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