10 Best Truck Simulator Games for PS4

Are you one of those adventurer gamers that love to undertake road challenges? Well! The truck simulator games are the perfect options for you to play.

The first truck simulator game was released in 2008, and since then, it has been a popular choice among gamers. These games make you feel that you are physically going through all these scenarios. That sounds interesting. Right?

If you want to play these games on your PS4, you must know that most truck simulator games are for PC. So, they are not going to work on it.

However, there is no need to be sad because we have sorted out this list of the best truck simulator PS4 games to make your search easy.

Best Truck Simulator Games for PS4

Here are the ten best truck simulator games you can play on your PS4. So, be ready to drive some heavy vehicles and face vigorous challenges to reach your destination. Let’s get started.

1.Truck Driver

For a classic truck driver experience, the truck driver is the perfect game for you to play. The journey is too much similar to that of a real truck driver. You must drive your truck through various landscapes and safely deliver the cargo. 

You can expand your business by dropping off more undamaged cargo. The XP determines the progress you will make at every successful delivery. The money you earn will help you personalize your truck the way you want.

2.Farming Simulator 22

This game is a bit different from the other PS4 truck simulator games and more like a farming game. You are going to tend a farm like a farmer does. The heavy farming vehicles make you face different and tricky challenges, and you must go through them to boost your farming business.

It may sound something off-topic because it is more about farming skills. However, once you start playing it, the farming machinery will give you the same experience as the other truck simulator games, with much more.

3.Spintires: MudRunner

Are you tired of playing with that boring souped-up vehicle that moves fast on the roads at high speed? For the more adventurous journey, spintires: mudrunner is the best addition to your truck simulator PS4 gaming list. The paths are not going to be smooth. You must go through various marshlands and rocky patches to reach the final destination.

The main theme is the same as many other truck simulator games. You have to deliver the undamaged packages for a successful mission. Be careful with the cargo as the tuck may flip over in the uneven landscape.


If you like the previous games on the list, then its next version SnowRunner will be more intriguing to you. The basic theme is the same as before, but the paths are diversified in this expansion. It becomes difficult to handle your truck from dirty marshlands to snowy mountains.

With the vehicle’s slow pace and gradual movement, the missions keep you entangled in the game for a long time. The money will help upgrade your vehicle to be compatible with the next tasks.

5.Monster Truck Championship

Is there any real game that does not adore the monster truck? These vehicles are huge and heavy with the ability to shatter everything that tries to get in their way. Playing with these trucks in the video game format is the desire of every newbie gamer.

The monster truck championship is the best way to quench your thirst for playing with such a disastrous vehicle. The spins and flips of these trucks will leave you stunned. The high jumps and smashing everything below when landing is insanely amazing.

6.American Truck Simulator

This game was released in 2016, and still, the American truck simulator PS4 has never failed to meet die-hard gamers’ demands. The tasks seem simple, consisting of driving around America and earning money. However, the different objectives and challenges make it interesting and allow you to get some extra cash.

More money means you can customize your vehicle better to stand it out on the road. Be careful, as crashing the car can turn the game upside down.

7.Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you want to get a truck simulator PS4 game that enables you to enjoy it with your friend, we have got the right thing for you. Euro truck simulator 2 PS4 game has a multiplayer mode to get your gaming experience to the next level.

The career pathways include transport and logistic, haulage and distribution, and courier service. So, you have endless things to do in this game and chances to inspect some new places.

8.Farming Simulator 19

After the farming simulator 22, the farming simulator 19 truck mods PS4 game is something more basic to play. You get a good collection of vehicles, harvest crops, and care for your farm animals. It is like a little farm where you plan and grows everything in your way.

Overall, this is an appropriate truck simulator game combined with the features of the farming games. The quality and graphics are good enough to help you enjoy a better gaming experience.

9.Truck and Logistic Simulator

This game is not limited to moving on the road and delivering cargo. It is more like managing a transport company. You must be careful while loading the truck, so the parcels remain safe when you reach the destination.

You will manage multiple vehicles on this PS4 truck simulator game, like cranes, wheel loaders, and bulky trucks. Complete the challenges successfully to earn points.

10.Alaskan Truck Simulator

This truck simulator PS4 game is a game changer. The harsh and brutal environment makes it difficult to complete the mission while saving your own life. Heavy vehicles are more difficult to operate.

Buckle up to go on the ruthless journey in the wild environment of Alaska. Complete the orders but do not neglect your security to make the mission successful.

Final Words

In the above text, we have figured out the best truck simulator PS4 games, so you can do just what you love to do. Install any of these games now to enjoy the thrilling gaming experience.

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