Plain is a new customer support tool with API integrations

plain chat

Plain Chat is a startup trying to reinvent product support. With customer support that rivals tech giants like Intercom and Zendesk, Plain believes in unique product integration with its API.(plain chat) Airplane has raised $6 from Connect Ventures and Index Ventures. The tournament featured a number of starters, including Solio, Allison Pickens, Nicholas Desine, Matt … Read more

Circuit City, Which aims to make $25 Million

Circuit City

At the risk of dating, I’m old enough to remember the days when Best Buy had a formidable competitor among supermarket chains: Circuit City. A cross between an appliance store (at least until it stopped selling appliances) and a comprehensive electronics retailer, Circuit City was the place to be for geeky, tech-obsessed people like me. … Read more

NSFW AI Art Generator

NSFW AI Art Generator

Introducing a groundbreaking NSFW AI Art Generator: unleashing boundless creativity with explicit content through cutting-edge algorithms.  This innovative tool revolutionizes art by seamlessly blending adult themes and artificial intelligence, empowering artists and enthusiasts to explore the uncharted realms of sensuality. With its intuitive interface and unrivaled image generation capabilities, this avant-garde software offers an unprecedented … Read more

Different types of fingerprint patterns

fingerprint patterns

The impression of patterns at the top of the humans finger is called fingerprint. The patterns consist of the ridges of human skin. In all human beings fingerprint patterns are unique due to the friction ridges. Friction ridges are not controlled by the genetically. Which makes the fingerprints different and unique. As we have discussed, … Read more

Old school runescape: Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

Old school runescape: below ice Mountain quest guide

Old school runescape is a game which provides you with such a huge platform where at a time multiple players can play a game together. Basically, the old school runescape was a game which was developed back in 2013. And changed as time passed. It has such an environment where not only multi players can … Read more

How to see what your friend is listening on Spotify

How to see what your friend is listening on Spotify

An music app with quality of digital streaming is known as Spotify. On Spotify you get access to the online music in its music library. On Spotify, besides listening to the vast music from the entire world, you can see your friends’ activities on Spotify as well. Here we will guide you completely about How … Read more

How to earn Valor in Halo Infinite?

How to earn Valor in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Campaign features a huge open world-inspired map to explore. It’s called Zeta Halo, a mysterious Halo ring occupied by The Banished. Your job is slowly pushing back the banished forces by retaking bases, destroying key camps, and rescuing UNSC Marines. You’ll earn Valor, an XP system that unlocks new weapons and vehicles at … Read more