How to earn Valor in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Campaign features a huge open world-inspired map to explore. It’s called Zeta Halo, a mysterious Halo ring occupied by The Banished.

Your job is slowly pushing back the banished forces by retaking bases, destroying key camps, and rescuing UNSC Marines. You’ll earn Valor, an XP system that unlocks new weapons and vehicles at FOBs as you do. In this guide, we’ll explain how to earn Valor in halo infinite of the best and fastest ways to do it.

Of course, you can say that In Halo Infinite, earning Valor (an in-game currency) is necessary. The Valor you earn is used to get better armaments, automobiles or motor vehicles, and many more things that will surely help you while playing infinite. 

Halo Infinite valor awarding activities: –

Not all activities in Halo Infinite will reward you with Valor. However, if you look at a quest or side activity on your map, hovering over it will reveal if and how much you’ll get Valor from it. Here are the three main ways to gain value in the Halo Infinite campaign:

  • Main Missions – By completing the main missions of the campaign, you will accumulate a lot of Valor. This is usually because it takes you through the main objectives where you will destroy key Banished structures. I gained around 2000 Valor just by completing the campaign.
  • Purple Army Camps – Zeta Halo has several main exiled camps spread out over it. They may be seen as purple icons on the map, one of which is Riven Gate. If you kill them, you will receive 100 Valor.
  • Propaganda Towers – Destroying them will reward you with 10 Valor each.
  • Marine Rescue Teams – There are distress signals all across the map. You will receive 30 Valor for rescuing these Marine squads.

The fastest way to gain Valor: –

You should have finished the main story campaign for the best and quickest way to get Valor. Don’t worry too much about sucking up secondary objectives as you go because you’ll return after completing the last campaign mission, and you can travel freely and earn Valor in Zeta Halo. Pay attention to the purple icons on your map when you get there.

They will each give you 100 valor as a reward. Then you should have unlocked the Wasp flying vehicle and the Scorpion tank. Use them to clear UNSC distress signals; you will find yourself overpowered by these piggyback vehicles.

Finally, if you need to unlock the last few Valor items, ride around in the Wasp or Banshee and take down the Propaganda Towers. That’s all you need to know to earn Valor in Halo Infinite.

While there are a few ways to get more value in Halo Infinite, completing side quests throughout the game is the quickest way.

Halo Infinite has an organized point system similar to experience points in multiplayer in Halo Infinite and other games.

Players complete tasks as the Master Chief and gain value. Valor Points are used to unlock vehicles, marines, and weapons. Since Valor is a valuable currency in Halo Infinite, players will likely look for ways to get it more quickly.

The mission to remove Installation 07 from the Banished in Halo Infinite may be taking its toll on players. The Master Chief must complete missions, crush brutes and other enemies, and boost his forces to excel in the campaign. Capturing Forward Operating Bases, clearing outposts, and rescuing Marine squadrons are the main activities in Halo Infinite that players need to prioritize if they want to gain value quickly.

You can get more than 3200 Valor in halo infinite:

Break down of total & where you get Valor

  • 600 (20x 30) from the Distress calls
  • 400 (40x 10) from the Propaganda towers
  • 700 (7x 100) from the Banished outposts
  • 1750 (5x 350) from the Story Missions

Capture Forward Operating Bases:-

Perhaps the most beneficial way players gain value is by capturing Forward Operating Bases, or FOBs. Forward Operating Bases are outposts once controlled by the UNSC but have fallen into the Banished’s hands or clutches, and Forward Operating Bases will serve as fast travel points.

For players once captured, and will also allow players to Call in vehicles and weapons that they have unlocked in their Valor progression.

What does the Valor in halo infinite: –

         As mentioned above, the players of halo infinite will be able to unlock better armaments and vehicles from FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) by spending the Valor they have. List of different things that you can unlock by the Valor:

Sr. NoName of AmmunitionPrice in Valor
1.MA40 AR400
3.Razor Back500
4.Rocket Hog3200
5.Pursuit Hydra3000
6.S7 Flex fire Sniper2900
9.M41 SPNKR1700
11.S7 Sniper1500
12.BR75 Breacher2800
13.M9 Frag Grenade550
14.CQS48 Bulldog600
17.VK78 Commando900
20.Heavy Assault1200
23.Striker Sidekick2200
24.MA40 Longshot2300
25.Convergence Bulldog2400
27.Impact Commando2700

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