How to start a tech blog

Tech is always evolving; new things in tech are always ready to replace the obsolete ones. Millions of people are always eager to read the blogs related to tech.

The niches related to tech are growing with the passage of time that is why; it is a good idea to start a tech blog in 2024. A tech blog will be a great source to share your expertise and knowledge with the people online.

A tech blog can be a best source to show other people about the knowledge you have in this field. Here is also a question arises why start a tech blog of your own because With the help of tech blog you can make your own community of people related to tech to whom you can recommend products of tech.

This article will guide you everything you need to know about how to start tech blog and how to make money from it. Here are easy five tips that you can follow to start a tech blog.

1.Decide the Direction of Your Tech Blog

To write a personal tech blog, your tech blog should have a some specific direction. So, to write a tech blog, first you should decide the exact direction of the tech blog.

The direction of your tech blog can be anything like it can be focused on tech reviews or mobile phones. where people can easily get information about the tech.

Your blog Tech also can be focused on the technology of mobile phones completely or you can select the other categories related to mobile technology.

Your tech blog can also be helpful for the people who want recommendations about tech.

It can also be related to the trends of tech in different domains like AI, software, tools and programming languages.

2.Select best Tech Niche for your blog

The next step to start a tech blog is to select a best tech niche. There are some websites who are working on tech blogs because tech is a really broad topic. And whenever you start to write a tech blog you will face a tough competition .

Niches are set of topics that deals with specific parts of the tech market. Always choose that niche about which you are passionate about. Because people are going to contact you. So you should have the great knowledge and passion about the selected niche.

There are some types of tech niches and you can say different tech blog content ideas listed below:

  • Issues of Tech Support
  • Repair of Tech
  • Information of Tech companies
  • Mobile phones

3.Select platform for Your Blogging

Whenever it comes to select the platform for blogging the first thing we do is to search for how to create a technical blog for free.

As there are many websites available on the Internet who are providing you free platforms like wix and many more. But before you select any free platform for your Blogging, it’s important to know that these platforms have various drawbacks. Which may not proof helpful to grow and monetize your blog.

With free hosting, the quality of your blog can’t get high. And with low quality you will be unable to get people on your blog. Moreover, because of this you can’t get earnings.

If you want to earn from your blogs, then you should use platforms who are providing you self hosted space. Best example of good platforms is WordPress. It is the smartest option that you can select for your blog.

4.Select best Domain Name

A domain name is the name of that specific website on which you are going to publish your blogs or tech blogs. To start a tech blog it is essential to choose a domain name for the specific website so that audience can easily access your blogs. If you choose a domain name related to your blog then it’s a very good idea. But a different name can also be selected.

Mostly people choose a wrong domain and get stuck in the starting. Just go through the available domains and select the suitable domain. Here are some steps that you need to follow to choose a perfect domain:

  • Buy a Domain Name .com
  • Select a Broad Name
  • Try to find Simple and Short
  • Use Alliteration
  • Be Creative
  • Use Additional Words
  • Make a Concept


All the good content of blog examples you can see on the Internet have suitable domain names. So choose it wisely.

5.Select a best Theme and install For Your Tech Blog 

To start a tech blog we have discussed some professional steps now we can easily answer the question how to create a good blog content or how to write a good tech blog.

Now we discuss the fun part of creating a blog. Whenever you search on the Internet about any content blog examples, these blogs come up on the websites with different themes. And you go for that blog who has catching themes. A theme is like software who determines the interface of your website, that how may it looks. If you choose a theme that is specifically designed for tech blogs then it will be good for you. Some platforms on the Internet are offering different varieties of themes. Whenever a thought regarding to how to write blog content quickly or how to create a blog content fast, you are mostly stuck. However, if you choose a theme according to your tech blog it will be easy for you to write a blog fast.

You can select paid or free themes, as it will be completely your choice. But paid themes are more accurate as comparable to the free themes.

For a Tech Blog: The Conclusion

To start a tech h blog easily you just need to focus on the steps discussed before. If you follow these steps then you will be able to build your tech blog website easily with high quality. Just focus on the quality of your tech blogs. By maintaining the quality, you can easily earn with your tech blogs and can easily set up your own business.

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