Old school runescape: Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

Old school runescape is a game which provides you with such a huge platform where at a time multiple players can play a game together. Basically, the old school runescape was a game which was developed back in 2013. And changed as time passed.

It has such an environment where not only multi players can play a game at a time, but they can easily interact with each other. For now, the old school runescape has so many improvements and upgradations in it. Here is a list of some adventurous quests of the old school runescape:

  • Below ice mountain osrs quest
  • The corsair curse osrs
  • Black knights fortress osrs
  • X marks the spot osrs
  • Getting Ahead osrs
  • Camdazaal osrs
  • Misthalin mystery osrs
  • Bread osrs

Below ice Mountain osrs

 Below Ice Mountain Osors is a quest of old school runescape where anyone can play a quest without any cost, as it is a quest which is free for game play. Basically, this quest surrounds an archaeologist, the main character of the quest and his name is Willow, whose work is to find doors from ancient times that would lead him to the ice mountains of the west. To play this quest, a player should have a team of Willow who help the player will opening and leading doors of ice mountains.

 The character of Willow, an archaeologist, is strong and capable of finding huge discoveries. She can find the entry of ruins of ancient times of ice Mountain of west. But here will be twist. The entry will be locked and to open the entry, the Willow character will need her team to break hurdles. For this, players would need to gather a team of willow. And this will not be a piece of cake for the players to gather the team. Because the team knows the intentions of the willow.

Another character of below ice Mountain osrs quest is Burnof, who is a dwarf of old known for destruction. The second main character is Checkal, who is a great lifter and can carry heavy things easily. In the third, Marley is an intelligent thief. So, all together they can make such a strong team who can easily get access to the ruins . But as I said, it will not be a piece of cake because teams don’t want to work with Willow because of her intentions.

Quick guide the corsair curse osrs

Another exciting quest of an old school runescape is the corsair curse. Here is a quick guide to the corsair, the curse. In this quest there is a town in the hills of Feldip which is in the direction of the south. And it is very deep. In this quest, there is a captain who has to port Sarim who is seeking help. And his crew gets sick, so the captain thinks in this quest that they have caught some curse.

If a player can reveal all the dark secrets in this quest of revengeful mermaids and all dangerous possessions, then he will be able to help the sick crew of the captain of the corsair to heal.

Black knights fortress osrs

 In the quest of black knights, initially the black Knights do not do anything by themselves. White knights hire them to spy and to destroy secret weapons.

X marks the spot osrs

Another exciting quest of an old school runescape is x marks the Spot, it is a quest which gives an introduction of series of kourend the great quest whose basic focus is on the treasure hunting of veos in lumbridge.

 It has low levels and is designed accordingly to provide a introduction to the kourend. Meanwhile, in this quest you will get several links between the mainland and kourend.  In this quest, the player should focus to hunt the short treasure for veo.  All the events in this quest are really important to the storyline of kourend.

Getting Ahead osrs

Getting Ahead is an intermediate quest, and it is the first in twisted tales.  These tales are short and this quest takes part in kourend and lowlands.

In this quest, players had a task to bring back things from a dangerous beast who keeps taking things from the farmers. Mary and Gordon are farmers. Whose things the beast took away all the time.

Ruins of camdozaal osrs

Camdoza is a damaged city which is underground and once it was the home of dwarves when imcandoria’s fall happened.

It is found under the ice mountain . You can access these ruins after completing the quest below the Ice mountain. For the sacred forge, these ruins are home because it runs on a material called barronite. Where the entire city takes power.

Mithalin mystery osrs

The Mithalin mystery is a standalone quest. It is the quest which is found on number 130. And it was actually designed for an old school runescape. In this quest, there is an island where, after the party, Hewy gets injured, who is the boyfriend of Abigale, who got injured by the attack of some unknown thing. And Abigale seeks help for it.

Bread osrs

Bread is a food that is made by the baking of dough. In this quest, players have to bake it. But it will not be easy as it gets burned by the players.

And they get the bread totally burnt. The burn of bread will decrease when players go to higher levels of cooking.

The conclusion

The old school with all its quests is a full package of adventure and entertainment. While playing each and every quest, the player will never feel bored of the game. Specifically, when he does the quest like below ice Mountain, he feels completely thrills because this quest and all the quest maintains the thrill and adventure with their each rewards. It was a game that made its name in the market because of its beautiful interacting environment that keeps engaging the players. It is the best choice for you if you want some excitement.

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